Eco-Hydrological Databases on this site contain specific information pertaining to various aspects of functioning, requirements and management of freshwater ecosystems. The information is extracted from formally published papers and reports, unpublished documents, Internet sites and experts’ opinions. Three databases are available at present

  • Estimates of environmental flow requirements in world river basins.

    Database is a collection of actual estimates of environmental flows made by various methods, together with hydrological characteristics of respective rivers and associated environmental management objectives. It is being developed by IWMI in collaboration with TNC and UNEP GEMS/Water as part of the activities of UNESCO Task Force on Eco-Hydrology.

  • Environmental flow assessment for aquatic ecosystems: a database of methodologies.

    Various techniques have been developed to date to estimate the environmental flow requirements of aquatic ecosystems. This database includes brief description of each methodology, it origin, input data requirements, strengths and deficiencies, references to case studies, etc.

  • Quantification of hydrological functions of inland wetlands.

    It is generally agreed that wetlands may attenuate floods, sustain baseflow during dry periods and recharge aquifers. However, little is known about the quantitative side of these functions. This database is intended as a systematic collection of available quantitative and semi-quantitative information (e.g. "yes" or "no" type of statements) is envisaged to serve as an additional tool in wetland research, complimenting and supporting other approaches like modeling or field surveying of wetland ecosystems

Development of eco-hydrological databases is seen as a continuous process rather then once-off exercise. In this sense, none of the presented databases is complete. Each database welcomes new entries. On-line input of new entries in pre-defined formats is allowed for. Interested specialists worldwide can make their direct contributions to database development. The developers will be grateful for such contributions. The intention is to make databases "internationally owned". IWMI provides general maintenance of this web site as well as the maintenance of individual databases.